Recruitment Grapevine - Q&A with Gareth Jones, MD of Wave Search

Gareth Jones, Managing Director of Wave Search, spoke to us about the journey from a small Digital and Fintech start-up on the Kent coast, to strategic recruitment partners for global businesses including KPMG, Tata, Cognizant and First Data…

What inspired you to set up Wave Search?

The name Wave was inspired by the 2004 Asian Tsunami which thankfully, despite being washed away in the waves, my wife and I survived whilst travelling through Thailand.

It was a genuinely life changing event and when we formed the company, Wave seemed like a fitting name and tribute.

After returning from Asia, I spent over eight years working in London for an international recruitment firm as Head of Technology and finally UK General Manager. I always had ambitions to run my own business, so in 2015, when I visited Discovery Park in Sandwich, I sensed a real opportunity to build a recruitment business on the Kent coast that could still support clients and candidates globally.

It’s really done well in 18 months – what do you think were the key factors to its success?

Timing has been key and despite Brexit and an uncertain political and economic outlook, Wave entered the market at the right time as our areas of specialism such as Digital and Fintech have seen significant growth over the past 18 months.

Our talent pool in these niches has become increasingly attractive to consultancies and corporates embarking on major Digital Transformation initiatives. This has enabled us to forge strong recruitment partnerships with several global, multi-billion dollar organisations including AON, KPMG, Tata, Cognizant, First Data and Nationwide.

Our aim for the first two years of trading was to build a world class client portfolio and Wave’s reputation in the market. What has really helped take the business to the next level has been collaborating with a network of trusted associates and industry SME’s which has given Wave broader candidate networks in key technology areas like Digital, Big Data, Cloud and Payments.

As a start-up, this collaborative model has given us scale and has vastly improved our capability to deliver our clients demand.

Why has Discovery Park been a key role Wave Search’s’ success to date?

When I decided to set up Wave, it was important to find a corporate but friendly environment that was well connected to London. Discovery Park is a Government Enterprise Zone and offers a highly professional environment, fantastic facilities and the option to scale up or down when your business needs it.

The ‘Start Up Zone’ was a great place to kick the business off as it was created exclusively to support new businesses in the region.

Discovery Park has played an instrumental part in Wave’s journey so far and we are dedicated to building the business and team onsite in the coming years.